About Us

First, let me introduce you to my family - this is my husband Paul, myself (Colette) and Charlie.

Charlie was our fur baby, our love. We lost him in July of 2020. So, to keep is memory alive, my husband and I, decided to name the company, "Charlie's Official Store Ltd".

Because I have fibromyalgia and sleep apnea, physical activities are not always achievable for me, so I occupy myself with different crafts.

Cross Stitch: is a craft that I learned a long time ago. I was in my twenties and living in Winnipeg at the time. I loved doing cross stitch so much, that I didn't want to go to work, all I wanted to do is stay home and do some cross stitch.

Diamond Paintings: I found out about this craft about four years ago through ads that we see all over social media. I had no idea what this craft was all about, so I bought two small paintings to try them out and satisfy my curiosity. Well, my curiosity was satisfied. I've been doing diamond paintings since then.

Paint-By-Number; my dad did a oil paint-by-number when I was young and I always wanted to do one, but never had the chance. A while back, I was on a long-term disability for two years and had a lot of time on my hands, so I bought a paint by number. I've done a few of them since then.

These crafts are what kept me grounded, relaxed and stress free.

Now, I'm retired, and I want to try something different. Something that will include the crafts that I know and love. So, I started a business.

The perfect job for me.